Timber Frame Integration


When you have made the decision to upgrade your home with a new fresh look, whether its finishing your basement, updating your kitchen, wanting a new deck, upgrading your bathroom, rebuilding your home to be more functional, or just giving your space a fresh look, you need to feel confident that you will receive quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Typically the process starts with a customer need, they have outgrown their current living space, or the space is just old and out of date... we can add finishing timber features, beams, accents, mantels or any framing that you might be looking for. Whatever the situation, our estimator will assess your needs, and help to finalize the new design, and prepare a cost estimate for the project.

We recommend that you the client, participate in as many of the finishing decisions that they are able, including selecting texture, size or picking colours. We work with a number of designers who can provide assistance where necessary. Timber Masters has developed a committed team of professional trades-persons and resources in the construction industry and we bring them all together to meet your needs.



Commercial Integration

Timber Masters is a locally owned and operated residential & commercial construction, design and integration company proudly bringing you almost 10  years of solid professional service.  We specialize in interior integration, exterior integration, new construction, and tenant improvements.

Timber Masters is a general contractor operating primarily in residential and commercial construction industry. We are committed to Safety, Integrity, and Quality in all our business relationships and projects. Our success is not only based on quality and performance but also in our ability to work as a team in collaboration with our clients during each step of our projects.

Timber Masters also has the know how of what is require in terms of structural or architectural drawings, building applications or permits. Once we understand what it is your project requires, we can advise you on what will be needed, and at that time offer you a quotation to complete the work. Our range of experience on so many different projects will ensure that your integration, whatever it may be will run smoothly, on time, and on budget.


We were completing some integration and wanted to install some timber accents. Timber Masters was very supportive in the design and material selection. They provided design sketches and we were able to easily envision the competed work. The project consisted of a grand entrance and 70 feet of patio; as well as a complimentary accent on the garage. The fabrication and onsite work was completed very quickly. The whole design was installed without nails, or screws, which was a nice feature that pleases us greatly. We continue to enjoy the timber and have received numerous compliments. We have recommended these craftsmen to our friends, and family, and encourage others to engage Timber Masters.
— Kelly M.