The Finishing Touches


In order to fully enjoy your new timber frame project, it needs to have a finish applied. That usually includes choosing a texture, colour options, and level of UV protection. We have developed a number of stunning textures, all created and applied by hand. Our colour options run the gamut from a clear coat that allows the wood’s natural figure to stand out, to dark rich custom mixed stains, and our own treatment (Timber Wolf) for creating a grain highlight in Douglas Fir that is sure to amaze. Our passion for delivering high quality timber frames doesn’t stop at choosing the right logs to mill, or orienting the most beautiful pieces for a project, or even at tight and accurate hand-crafted joinery, but continues through the finishing shop so that we can offer a truly one-stop timber solution.



One of the easiest ways to make a statement (other than sheer size of timbers) is with a custom texture. All of our textures have been developed in-house and are all done with simple machines, or by hand.


Many people who choose timber frames like the rustic look, which is achieved through our mill texture. Our custom milling operation uses band saw technology which leaves vertical sawmarks on the fresh timbers. Instead of running these through the planer to smooth them out, our mill texture involves hand-sanding the rough surfaces to a perfect blend of smooth and rough texture. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is easy - there’s an art to getting the sanding balance just right. And when it is done right, the outcome is a dramatic rustic finish. This is beautiful with mid- to dark-toned stains as well as our Timber Wolf grain highlight.

A timber frame can take on the look of polish and sophistication with our S4S (sanded four sides) smooth finish, which brings out the figure (often referred to as the ‘grain pattern’) and showcases how clean and tight the timbers are that have been used in your frame. To achieve this we use a four-sided planer to bring each piece to perfect square and within fractions of an inch tolerances of each other. This enables joinery to be tight and accurate, and allows the figure in the wood to tell its story. A great way to enjoy S4S timbers is with a clear finish or an oiled finish.

Some people love the unexpected. Our hand-hewn look offers exactly that. Our boards are all run through the four-sided planer to ensure squareness and consistency, then are treated to a barrage of hand-hewing with real hatchets. This is no joke - our artisans have the eye for recreating the old-world look of hand hewing as it was done by our pioneer forefathers. The look is quite striking, and works very well with lighter colours such as our white oak, or a #4 Timber Wolf grain highlight.

Lately there has been a movement towards the reclaimed look. The expense of authentic barn wood has put it out of reach for many budgets, so we have developed a four-step technique to recreate it. This is all done by hand after the joinery is complete in order to ensure all of the joints stay clean and crisp. Our barn board finish has been known to fool even the most discerning onlookers. It works very well with darker stains, as well as our Timber Wolf grain highlight.



When building a timber frame structure - whether it’s a contemporary design, traditional, or even an authentic vintage style - there are many options for wood stain colors. This step is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when choosing the actual look of your project.

Timber Masters offers many choices when it comes to stain. We like to pre-finish every piece (by hand) at our finishing facility before your timber frame is sent out for installation. This ensures a quality and consistent finish that can often protect it from the additional construction work that will go on after the frame is installed.

When choosing your timber colors, there are many options available. We have spent years researching, testing and narrowing down our options to a few of the best and longest-lasting choices on the market. In some cases, we have had need to come up with our own methods and techniques for colouring wood. These often become some of our most popular colour options, such as the Timber Wolf line of grain highlights, Hidden Valley brown, and White Oak (a colour VERY difficult to create on Douglas Fir).

With colour, there really are no limits. For example, you have both the exterior and interior walls. Some clients choose to go with a lighter stain on one verses the other to create a more dynamic look. At the end of the day, colour is a very personal decision and should be made with the same level of care that we take to apply it.

Don’t see a colour that speaks to you? Let us know what you are looking for, and our creative team of artisans will work on finding a way to make it happen for you.


Top Coat

The color options we like to use offer built-in UV resistance for immediate protection from the harmful effects of the sun. This is particularly important for exterior applications, but can also be critical in keeping interior timbers looking as new as the day they were installed.

In order to add protection against the brutal northern climate, it’s temperature swings and wild fluctuations in UV levels, we apply 2 coats of an exterior grade crystal clear UV diamond coating. These layers add additional years of UV protection, keeping the color of your timbers consistent and fade-free much longer than a traditional timber oil and many other wood protectants on the market.

Timber Masters’ finishing techniques ensure your timber frame remains protected and shows its enduring beauty for many maintenance-free years to come.