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Custom Milling


At Timber Masters we use old-growth tight-grained Douglas Fir logs in order to mill the best grade timber for your projects

Timber Masters lumber services offers very flexible log/lumber milling options for orders of almost any quantity or dimension. We are able to mill a variety of cuts (quarter-sawn, slab-sawn, planks, live edge, etc) from our supply of premium old-growth north western Canadian Douglas Fir logs or your own logs if you desire.



We are commited to doing our part regarding environmental responsibility.


We source oversize logs that are too large for production mills.  This reduces the impact for additional logging for our timber requirements.


  We also use the entire log.  Any timber that does not meet grade during milling or that is 'waste', we use for our large wood boiler facility heating requirements. Any additional we sell as firewood for heating homes. 


We pride ourselves on the quality of lumber products that we provide to our customers. Our experience and passion for high quality wood products shows in our results!

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