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The Process

Located in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada, Timber Masters is a team of highly skilled and passionate people that craft timber structures for your custom back country cabin, cottage or dream home. We make sure that our business is run in a way that is environmentally responsible, from how we source our logs to making sure there is no waste. 


Our advantage at Timber Masters is in controlling the entire timber framing process from start to finish. 

Custom milling gives us the ability to cut precise and exact timbers for each project.

In the shop, we combine modern wood manufacturing techniques with traditional timber frame joinery methods by hand to celebrate form and function within our projects. Our handcraft artisans have many years experience in fine woodworking and we focus on maintaining this important skill through constant mentorship.


All of this means that Timber Masters turns your dream from a concept to a full design, ensuring a precise timber structure finished to your specifications.

A pre-designed home, cottage or back country cabin request?  A custom design or modification to one of our plans?  Feel free to come to us with your plans, ideas or inspiration photos.  We would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions.

2. Design

Custom design for a new home,  design for timber integration or design for our fully scalable pre-designed home plans. We work with you on getting all the details exactly how you want them. From the colours to the sizing and design. We properly engineer your project so that it not only fits the code but also fits your desired aesthetic.

3. The Timber

Our supply comes from the cast offs of the bigger logging outfits and saw mills in Western Canada that don't fit through their processors and would otherwise be wasted.  We source oversize logs that are too large for production mills.  This reduces the impact for additional logging for our timber requirements. Our timber frames come standard with premium tight grain FOHC Western Canadian Douglas Fir. We also offer Canadian western Red cedar.

4. Custom Milling

Environmental responsibility is important to us. Our in-house system will mill the logs to the specs of your design while also making the most of every log.  Any timber that does not meet grade during milling or that is waste we use for our large wood boiler facility heating requirements and any additional we sell as firewood for home heating.
timber measured-2.jpg
Large cant.jpg

5. Joinery

We use both traditional handcrafted and modern technology/machinery for timber frame joinery. The modern joinery ensures proper structural design and engineering, incorporated with the handcrafted traditional joinery which has been perfected and tested historically for over a century.   These combined methods that are engineered, offer basically no design or timber size limitations for your project except the available timber itself.

6. Finishing

Due to our handcrafted and modern technology we are able to offer very specialized textures and finishing exclusively from Timber Masters.  Custom colours and diamond coat sealers ensure your timber is unique and protected for years to come. 

7. Installation

We offer site assistance for deliveries as well as full installations. A full installation includes everything, right from organizing the delivery of the finished product to your location, to doing the set up and making sure it goes together exactly as we've planned it.

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