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Custom Handcrafted Timber Frames

Timber Masters is an environmentally responsible company which specializes in custom architectural designs as well as offering pre-designed services


Timber Masters also crafts new structural timber frames and timber integration for any home or project. 


Custom Design

Timber Integration

Timber Home Plans



Box Beams - Timber Accents Made Easy

Box beams are an easy to install alternative for any type of project, be it residential, commercial or otherwise.


They are often called faux beams, or hollow beams, due to the fact that their core is hollow.

They weigh substantially less and are easier to install than traditional solid timber elements. Box beams are flexible in their designs and have the same look, texture and feel as full timber frames.

We offer an easy online shopping experience so you can order your own!


“We are a group of artisans and craftspeople who work towards an ever-increasing standard of quality and craftsmanship, and strive to deliver world-class timber frame structures.”


A Legacy In The Making

From it's inception in 2007, Timber Masters has focused on growth in our expertise in taking a customer's vision and dream from design stage to beautiful completion. 


Our goal is to continue to improve our quality, production, and reputation as a premiere heavy timber company. To achieve that, we work closely with our customers or their project representative throughout the entire process. Selecting the best timber, custom handcrafting a better product, providing legendary service.

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- David E.

"My family is enjoying life in our custom home. The timber you installed helped transform a nice house into a truly unique and great home. My experience working with you was easy and enjoyable from design stage through to construction. I will be recommending you to anyone that mentions they would like to use timber in their home." 


703047 RR64, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

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